Instructions for use of your Lectroject System




To explain how your machine works for you, it is useful for you to have some understanding of the process.

There are 3 stages in the process: 
1. When the machine is plugged in and attached to your inner wrists, an electrical circuit has been established. 
2. Once the electrical circuit is complete, a magnetic field is established. 
3. Once the magnetic field is complete, certain Alpha particles are released from the module, these particles travel along the magnetic field and pick up atoms of the medication under the applicator pads and inject them through the skin and into the body's cells, where the particles interfere with the DNA of any virus present in the cell, thus preventing the multiplication of the virus and so stopping the disease. 

How to use the Machine:

1. Place the medication, about ˝ the size of a pea on the middle of two applicator pads and then place the applicator pads onto each inner wrist. (see picture above) 
2. After doing this, plug both the applicator cables into the machine. (Red to the red socket and black to the black socket) 
3. Clip the other ends of the applicator cables to the applicator pads on your wrists. (see picture above) 
4. After doing this, plug the machine into the mains power supply socket and switch on. (a red light will now indicate that the machine is on) 
Your treatment has now begun.

After about 30 minutes your first treatment is done, now do the following: 
1. Switch off and unplug the machine from the wall socket 
2. After switching off, disconnect the plug leads from the machine 
3. Unclip the applicator leads from the applicators on your wrists 
4. Finally, remove the electrodes from your wrists 
Repeat the above treatment procedure every 48 hours, over 10 treatments. 

* * *

Useful Tips

• Your Lectroject uses Acyclovir Topical Cream, which should be obtainable from your local Pharmacy, Drugstore or your GP Doctor. 
• The applicator pads can be used over and over again by using bandages or wrist sweatbands to secure them to your wrists. 

Mode of Action

The LECTROJECT machine is an isotopic propulsion instrument which atomises the molecules of a given medication and drives it into the patient transcutaneously. This method increases the bioavailibility of the medication so that in vivo results approximate in vitro administration. The electronic module creates a magnetic field through the patient.
The Lectroject System emits an alpha particle which follow the magnetic field to the + electrode. A small quantity of Acyclovir is placed under the electrodes. The alpha particles tacks through the Acyclovir, collects an atom of the medication and deposits in the affected cell where it interferes with the viral DNA and so prevents replication, the virus becomes dormant and is eventually eliminated by catabolism.

Guarantee / Refund

The best guarantee you’ll Find anywhere – a 45-day conditional full product refund guarantee. Should P.C.R. test results show that you are still positive after 10 or more treatments, please return the machine within 45 days of receipt. One year replacement guarantee on any technical problem.


A copy of the P.C.R. test results must be included in the package when the machine is returned.
The opening of or tampering with the insides of this machine will void this guarantee in its totality.